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Swimming freestyle

Swim | Freestyle Drills | Teaching and coaching

  Swimming : - Freestyle arm stroke drills

Swimming : - Freestyle body position drills

Swimming : - Freestyle breathing drills

Swimming : - Freestyle coordination drills

Swimming : - Freestyle kick drills

Swimming : - Freestyle leverage drills

Swimming : - Freestyle recovery drills

How to swim the freestyle

Drafting for triathlon swimmers


Active Passive Recovery between Long Duration (40 to 120 s) Sprints

Active Passive Recovery between Short Duration (4 to 30 s) Sprints

Active recovery & restoration of performance

Active recovery and blood lactate

Active recovery during various types of exercise

The Duration of Active Recovery

The effect of exercise mode during active recovery

The effects of active recovery duration on performance

The effects of intensity of active recovery on sprint performance

The Intensity and Mode of Active Recovery

The rationale for using active recovery

Effects of active recovery on muscle H+ and lactate concentration Pcr and Glycogen

Basis of Sports Training

Objectives of Training

Process of sport training

Characteristics of the age period between 6 and 18 in children and youth


Example : Periodizing to build endurance and speed

Training Periodization Planning

Training plan for a season

Volume before intensity | Periodization |

Sequential loading of training microcycles

Indicators of exercse load

Training classification exercise

Muscle Blood Flow and Lactate Removal

Performance in individual sports

Performance in team sports

Sport & Flexibility

Sport coordination abilities

Sport Endurance training

Sport Energy Systems

Sport speed abilities

Prescription of training speeds

Technical Preparation Tactical Preparation Psychological Preparation

Training strength ability



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