Triathlon Training Journal

Training Log and Planner for Multisport Athletes Diary Dariusz Janczewski

Triathlon and Ironman Training Journal is a traditional workout log and more. In the Journal, you, the athlete are able to not only record your daily training routines, but also keep a personal diary, track the diet, and plan the rest of your day. The Journal has enough pages (400) to last you a whole year and, as the dates for each day are filled in by you, it may be started at any time of the year.

A competitive runner since the age of 14, I was an all-around distance runner, racing anything from cross-country, trail, to road races, and occasionally visiting the world of triathlon (not unlike many other runners, swimming, being the weakest of my three sports.) From the very beginning of my running career, I remember maintaining a training log. Today, after many years, my first coach still applies the training methods he used with me in the 1970's all due to the written record left behind in form of the logs. In retrospective, however, after all these years, I only have one wish: that I had maintained something more of a journal - and not just a log; something like this here Triathlon Training Journal. I left Poland and settled in the United States in 1984 with a desire to get a higher education. My running career in Poland ended with the personal best of 3:39.5 (equivalent of 3:56 for a mile run), and 1.48.6 in half mile. With the track-running career behind me, and after graduating from University of Cincinnati (Graphic Design) in 1999, I concentrated on the road and trail running. Consequently, I competed in several big-time marathons; my best showing so far being at the 1998 run of Boston Marathon which I finished in 2 hours and 42 minutes.


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