Foreword Athletes, coaches, fitness trainers, and the general public are continually striving to achieve a higher level of fitness. As we plan our training and give thought to our nutritional habits, we have a variety of questions. We look for information that is concise and comprehendible to assist us in achieving our goals.

Lilah Al-Masri and Simon Bartlett, who have devoted their lives to the pursuit of excellence in fitness, created 100 Questions & Answers About Sports Nutrition and Exercise for this purpose. This book provides an excellent source of knowledge, covering an array of exercise and nutritional information for everyone to use in his or her quest to become healthier and more physically fit.

Why should an athlete develop a nutrition and exercise plan ?

  • • What is hunger ?
  • • What should my training plate look like ?
  • • What are the health benefits of regular exercise ?
  • • What are the basic principles of exercise that are needed to optimize training and performance ?
  • • Why should athletes warm up before and cool down after exercise ?
  • • What should I eat before exercise ?
  • • Should I eat before an early-morning workout ?
  • • What types of foods should the athlete consume during exercise ?
  • • What role do vitamins play in an athlete's diet ?
  • • What role do minerals play in an athlete's diet ?
  • • What role does calcium play in athletic performance ?
  • • Why should athletes consume water as part of their nutrition plan ?
  • • Is thirst a good predictor of an athlete's fluid needs ?
  • • How much sweat can an athlete lose per hour of exercise in a hot environment ?
  • • How do I recognize a fad diet ?
  • • What constitutes body composition ?
  • • What role do body mass index, waist circumference, and waist-to-hip ratio play in my performance ?
  • • What are the effects of acute high-altitude exposure on performance ?
  • • What is the live-high/train-low concept ?
  • • What are the considerations for athletes training or competing in cold-weather ambient and/or water environments ?
  • • What is lactose intolerance ?
  • • What is the overtraining syndrome ?
  • • How do I know whether my decreasing performance over the season is related to overtraining or poor nutritional habits ?
  • • Why has my exercising heart rate changed since I was put on beta-blocker drugs ?
  • • What are ergogenic aids ?
  • • What are ergolytics ?


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100 Questions And Answers About Sports Nutrition

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