High School Level Pre-Season training Macrocycle 1-A

  • Weeks 19-24 of Macrocycle 1 for Pre-Season training.
  • This is a 3 times a week resistance program(Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays), with Tuesdays for agility workout.Thursdays and Sundays off.
  • This is a Monday workout(quads, abs, calves, hams).
  • Perform 5-10 minutes of a dynamic workout to start workout.
  • Complete in straight sets with 45 seconds rest between sets.

Lateral Bounds

1. Stand to the left of the box. Jump using left foot onto the box.
2. Raise body using the right foot only until leg is extended
3. Lower to start position with both feet back on the ground. Repeat with other leg according to exercise prescription.

Soccer Kick on balance disc

1. Start by standing on a balance disc with one foot and wrap an ankle band around your ankles.
2. Start with one foot behind your other foot that is on the balance disc.
3. Raise your back foot and perform a soccer kick maintaining your balance on the disc.
4. Return to the starting position and repeat. Switch sides and kick with the other foot.

Power Clean to Split Jerk

Starting Position: Grab the barbell with your body is in a bentover stance with your back flat.
Explode up by pushing your feet through the floor keeping the bar close to your legs.
Keep your arms straight and forcefully extend your hips, knees, and ankles.
At the same time shrug your shoulders and at their highest point curl the bar up while forcing your hips forward and support the bar at chest level.
From this position press the barbell over your head and flex your hips and squat down into a split stance at the same time. Finish with the barbell in an overhead position.
Return to starting position and repeat.

Every last clean, do the spit jerk. Go as heavy as possible, in good form Using 80-90 of max.

Snatch to Overhead Squat

Keep torso straight but bent forward at the hips slightly.
Explosively raise the barbell by extending the hips, knee and ankle in a “jumping action”.
Keep your elbow pointed out and arm straight.
At maximum height slightly flex the hips then the knees.
Rotate elbows around and under the barbell. At maximum bar height, fully extend the elbows and lock the barbell overhead.
Catch the barbell by flexing at the knees and hips to absorb the weight and stand to a parallel stance. Proceed into a full squat and then stand up to an upright position. Repeat according to program.

The snatch part of this exercise is fast; the squat portion should be slow. Also, use a lighter weight than on a regular snatch: to be able to transition into a squat phase. About 70-80 of max.

Leg 45 degree leg press

1. Sit in the machine and place one foot on the foot plate.
2. Bend your knee and lower the sled until your knee is bent to about 90 degrees.
3. Press your leg to full extension and repeat for the desired repetitions. Repeat with the other leg.

Cable Leg Curls

1. Start by standing in front of the machine with one cable strap around 1 leg.
2. Maintaining your balance curl that leg up and back until your foot almost touches your butt.
3. Return to the starting position and repeat for the prescribed repetitions.
4. Repeat with the other leg.

Stability Ball Crunch

1. Sit in upright position on flexaball with feet flat on floor.
2. Walk feet forward allowing flexaball to roll underneath body until it is positioned on lower to mid-back region. Raise hips slightly to create a “table top” position parallel to floor.
3. Place hands across your chest. Head should be in a neutral position with a space between chin and chest.
4. Leading with the chin and chest towards the ceiling, contract the abdominal and raise shoulders up.
5. Return to start position.
6. Remember to keep head and back in a neutral position. Hyperextension or flexion of either may cause injury.

Weighted Russian Twist

1. Roll out onto ball in a supine position. The ball should be on your upper back.
2. Keeping your hips and body parallel to the floor (no sagging of the hips) rotate your shoulders to the right holding a dumbell with your arms extended.
3. Remember to keep your trunk parallel with the floor.
4. Now rotate towards your left and repeat back and forth until the desired number of repetitions is met. The ball should pretty much stay in one place. Keep your body in a straight line and parallel with the floor. No sagging of the hips.

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