Preseason swimming

Preseason training commences from the low base of fitness maintained during the off-season. Swimmers typically start the preseason phase with a single ses­sion per day and gradually increase the number of ses­sions over the first few weeks. A graded increase sees the frequency of training increasing from one session per day, to three sessions over 2 days, and eventually to the traditional two sessions per day format followed by the majority of high-level swimmers.

The intensity of swimming is low to moderate to facilitate structural improvements leading toward improved cardiorespi­ratory fitness. Slower swimming also permits the ac­quisition and development of skills at lower speeds, before transfer to faster competitive speeds. A limited amount of shorter faster work is recommended, even from the first week of the season, to develop and main- tain neuromuscular patterns. This approach prepares the swimmer for the more intensive training that follows in the early-season and competitive-season phases.


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