Pro Level Pre-Season training Macrocycle 1-D

Weeks 25-30 of Macrocycle 1 for Pre-Season training. This is a Friday workout(upper body). Perform 5-10 minutes of a dynamic warm-up to start workout. Complete in straight sets of 60 seconds rest between sets.

Explosive Start Throws

Stand with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart. Knees should be slightly bent.
Pick medicine ball up to chest level.
Quickly explode up and press the ball straight out as far and fast as you can.
As you press the ball forward explode with either leg so that you actually sprint forward a couple of steps.
sprint for 10meters after every start

Alternating Floor Press

Starting Position: Lie supine on your back holding a kettleball in each hand.
Alternating with your arms push up one kettleball at a time.
Slightly rotate your trunk when pressing the kettleball up.
Repeat with the other arm.

Cable Seated Row

1) Sit in upright position with knees slightly bent and feet planted on foot rests (if applicable).
2) Start position: Grasp bar with overhand grip (palms facing down) with arms fully extended and shoulder width apart. Back should be straight in a neutral position.
3) Keep elbows close to body and pull bar towards abdominal region. Squeeze shoulder blades together as bar touches abdominal region.
4) Return to start position.

Lateral Cable Raise

1) Stand with feet shoulder width apart
2) Start position: Grasp cable with an underhand grip (palms facing forward). Arms should hang down at sides with elbows slightly bent.
3) Raise cable to side of body at shoulder height. Keep elbow only slightly bent with thumbs pointing up throughout movement.
4) Return to start position.
5) Remember to keep back and head straight in a neutral position - hyperextension or flexion may cause injury. Keep shoulders stabilized by squeezing shoulder blades together throughout movement.

Rear Delt Machine Fly

1. Start position: Face into machine and grab machine handles.
2. With elbows slightly bent and facing back bring hands back in semi-circular motion and squeeze shoulder blades together at top of movement.
3. Return to start position.
4. Remember to keep head in a neutral position.

Barbell Bench Press

1) Lie on back with head underneath bar, eyes aligned with bar, and feet flat on floor.
2) Position hands on bar wider than shoulder width or lower the unloaded bar to chest and position grip to where forearms are perpendicular to the floor.
3) Start position: Lift bar off rack with bar directly over head.
Lower bar to your mid chest area. Press bar up to starting position.

Dumbbell Bent Over Row

1) Stand with feet hip width and knees slightly bent.
2) Start position: Bend at hips with back straight and knees bent . Take one hand and place on stationary object that is approximately waist height to support upper body. Hold DB in other hand with a neutral grip and let arm hang straight down (perpendicular to floor).
3) Keeping elbows close to body, pull DB up to body and squeeze shoulder blades together at top of movement.
4) Return to start position.
5) Remember to keep back and head straight - hyperextension, flexion, or trunk rotation may cause injury.

Seated Dumbbell Tricep Overhead Extension

1. Sit in upright position.
2. Start position: Grasp DB and place palms on inner side of weight plate as shown. Press DB directly overhead (now palms are up).
3. Stabilize shoulders and lower weight moving only at the elbow joint until forearm is parallel to floor. Keep elbows pointing forward throughout movement.
4. Return to start position.
5. Remember to keep back and head straight - hyperextension or flexion may cause injury.

Incline Hammer Curls

1. Start by lying on an incline bench with your arms at your side holding dumbells and palms facing in.
2. Slowly curl the dumbells up keeping your palms facing in and your elbows at your side.
3. Return to the starting position and repeat for the required number of repetitions.