Healthy Back Workout 6

  • Complete in one circuit with minimal rest in-between exercises.
  • Rest 1-2 minutes and then complete the circuit a 2nd time.

BOSU Side Plank

1. Lie sideways on the ball, hip in the middle and arm on the floor for support. Keep hips stacked, one foot on top of the other.
2. Contract the abs and lift legs off the floor until body is in a straight line.
3. To make it more difficult, lift lower arm off the ground.
4. Hold for required time.

BOSU Plank Tilt

1. Start in a plank position with your knees off the ground or you can plank from your knees. Keept your body in a straight line.
2. Use your arms to tilt the BOSU forward and then back. You will really work your arms, back and abs on this one, so make sure you do not sag in the middle.
3. Repeat for the required number of repetitions and or time.

Reverse Curl

1) Start position: Lie with back on floor or bench with hips flexed at 90° and feet in air holding onto a ball. Position arms at sides with palms down on floor.
2) Leading with the heels towards the ceiling, raise glutes (butt) off floor or bench.
3) Return to start position.
4) Remember keep legs from swinging to prevent momentum throughout the exercise.

Same Side Superman

1. Start position: Lie face down on ball with hands down at sides. Raise left arm and left leg off floor.
2. Return to start position and repeat with the other side.

Alternating Single Leg Bridge

Rollout on the ball until just your feet are on the ball and you are forming a bridge.
Keeping this position lift one foot off of the ball and hold for 1-2 seconds.
Return to the starting position and repeat with the other leg.

BOSU Quadruped Arm Leg Raise

1. Get on all fours with knees evenly spaced on top of BOSU and hands on the ground. Straighten one leg until it is parallel to the floor and balance touching toe of bent leg to the ground to help balance.
2. When you feel stable, lift the opposite arm and hold, using abs to stabilize.
3. Switch sides and repeat for required repetitions.