Abdominal Workout 16

  • Complete in one circuit with minimal rest between exercises.
  • Rest 1 minute between circuits.

Supine trunk rotation with toning bar

1. Lie on your back on a ball so that the ball is under your upper back.
2. Hold a toning bar up above your chest keeping your arms straight.
3. Holding this position rotate your shoulders and arms to the side so that your shoulders are 90 degrees to your hips.
4. Return to the starting position and repeat to the other side. Try to keep your hips facing the ceiling during the entire movement. Do not rotate your hips.

Rollover with Stability Ball

1) Start position: Lie with back on floor or bench with hips flexed at 90° and feet in air holding a stability ball. Position arms at sides with palms down on floor.
2) Keeping legs straight lower your legs towards the floor and then bring them up towards your head. You will have to lift your glutes and lower back off the floor to accomplish this.
3) Return to start position.
4) Remember keep legs from swinging to prevent momentum throughout the exercise

Skiier Twist

1. Roll out onto ball in a prone position. The ball should be under your shins.
2. Keeping your hips and body parallel to the floor (no sagging of the hips) bring your legs in towards your chest.
3. Remember to keep your trunk parallel with the floor.
4. Now rotate towards your left and repeat back and forth until the desired number of repetitions is met. The ball should pretty much stay in one place. Keep your body in a somewhat straight line and somewhat parallel with the floor.

Hip Circles with stability ball

1. Sit on the floor and place a stability ball between your lower legs.
2. Squeeze the stability ball with your legs and raise your legs into the air.
3. Rotate your legs up and down opposite of each other to create a circular motion.
4. Continue for prescribed number of repetitions.